Jim Edwards


Jim Edwards



Waist: 33

Shirt:15 1/2 - 35

Suit: 41L

Inseam: 34

185 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark Brown

w / a touch of silver

Shoe: 11


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No Vacancy                                      Principal / Cecil Clark          Kingstone Studios / Kyle Saylors



American Deluxe                                  Lead / Jonathon Campbell        Capstone Prods / Aaron Brownlee

Nursery Crimes                                    Lead / Tom                                Seditionary Prods / Allyson Schwartz

Dropped Frames                                  Supporting / Bartender              Just Watch Me Prods / Tony Sommo

The Dentist                                           Principal / Boss                        Full Sail Film School / Student Directors
How to Waste a Saturday Afternoon    Supporting / Kim's Dad             Dreaming Tree Films / Student Directors

Your Hand in Mine                                Lead / Will Lawson                   NCSA / Matthew Crossette

Inheritance                                           Lead / Jonathon Campbell         Merge Productions / Aaron Brownlee

Taken Back                                          Supporting / Art Critic                Cannes Exhb/Childhood/Antonio Flecha

ROM                                                    Supporting / Scientist                 Mastermind Prods / Narciso Iturralde

A Day in the Life of John D. Impetus   Principal / Executive                  Capstone Prods / Jose Lopez

Sanderson County                             Supporting / Woody                  Wildheart Films / Wayne Porter

All The World                                       Lead / Assassin                        Wildheart Films / Mandy Wildman



30Rock                                                   Director / background                NBC

America's Most Wanted                         Lead / Frank (Victim)                 STF Prods/Kohl Films

MTV Documentary                                 Supporting / Air Traffic Controller MTV

In Search Of                                          Principal / Pledge                      FOX TV


Cinderella                                             Supporting / Chef                        Pointe Players

Oklahoma                                            Supporting / Ike Skidmore           SLT Productions

South Pacific                                        Supporting / Professor                SLT Productions

I'll Be Home                                          Lead / Jerry Brainard (Radio Announcer) CP Players

A Christmas Carol                                Supporting / Mr. Collins              Carrollwood Players

Meet Me in St. Louis                            Chorus                                        Spanish Lyric/Rene Gonzalez

A Star is Born                                       Lead / Mr. Spielman                   Tampa First Players

La Verbena de la Paloma                    Chorus                                        SLT Productions

Get Smart                                             Agent 13                                    Golden Masque Theatre

The Secret of My Success                    Lead / Bing Soloman                 Tampa First Players

South Pacific                                        Chorus                                        Golden Masque Theatre

Sendin' Out Love                                  Lead / Dave Duckworth              Tampa First Players



Florida Blue                                            Fan/Spectator                           BBDO

Eckerd Pharmacy                                  Jack / Pharmacist                      Jay Gross Studios

Trade Winds Resort                               Hotel Guest                               Spectrum Productions

Don Caesar Resort & Spa                      Hotel Guest                               Spectrum Productions

Money Matters of Tampa                       Financial Planner                       Clark Productions

Vault Company                                      Father/Husband                         MKJ Marketing


On-Camera Techniques / Monologue / Improv & Character Development / Scene Study - Sylvia Sutton

Improvisation Workshop - Clearwater, FL.

Vocal Technique / Speech / Diction - Dr. Milton Bliss, NCSU.

On-Camera Workshop - Working Actors Studio


Craft and Instrument – Eric Morris Method - Performer's Studio Workshop - Kathy Laughlin - Tampa, FL

Improv – Second City - Chicago

Improv - Humor Mill Orlando - Kelly Rands.



Swimming         Scuba               Sailing/Boating  Fishing             Firefighting       Guitar               Flight Attendant

Snow Ski          Firearms           Softball                        Taekwondo                   Golf                  Valid U.S. Passport

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